The Wright-er’s Club (Episode 2 Excerpt)

Editor’s Note: The following screenplay excerpt contains some…PG13 material. Nothing explicit happens in terms of language or action, but younger readers should take note and act accordingly.

This blog is meant to showcase a variety of genres and writing formats from our high-school writers. Any concerns should be addressed to the Editor through the contact form under “Information.”



Jeanette is sitting at her locker when Felicity storms in.

FELICITY (furious): Where is she?!

JEANETTE: Back here, cheerleader!

Felicity stomps over to her.

JEANETTE (CONT’D): Well, well, well, look what the gynecologist dragged out.

FELICITY: What were you thinking?

JEANETTE: I was thinking that if everyone was gonna know our secrets, I might as well post on the bulletin board what you held inside.


Jeanette proudly posts a paper on the school bulletin board.

We don’t see what the paper says. Jeanette walks away as students soon look onto it with gasps and remarks. The flier reads, “Felicity Williams’ has got the herp.”


Jeanette and Felicity are throwin’ down.

JEANETTE: It seems that if one of us was going to tease the other about having an STD, I believe it would be from me to you.

FELICITY: I cannot believe this!

JEANETTE: Ssh! Don’t speak.

Jeanette licks her thumb and rubs it on Felicity’s face.

JEANETTE (CONT’D): I’m trying to wipe the herpes off you.

Jeanette takes her finger off.

JEANETTE (CONT’D) Oh, wait, it’s eternal.

FELICITY: Don’t push me, Stevenson!

JEANETTE: Or what?

FELICITY: I’ll tell you the sad, sad truth.

JEANETTE: And that’s what? You also were dragged across the street by a pickup truck as a toddler too?

FELICITY: Nobody loves you.

Everything stops. Girls start running out of the locker room.

JEANETTE: What did you just say?

FELICITY: Nobody loves you. Not anybody here at least, that’s for sure. You’re just a blemish on Gallagher High history. Your dream of becoming a musical star is NEVER going to happen. You’re gonna grow up and work as a janitor for the rest of your life. Cleaning up people’s puke as they reach their goal.

JEANETTE: Shut up.

FELICITY: You’re pathetic, Jeanette Stevenson. Not even your boyfriend loves you.

Without another word, Felicity leaves. Jeanette starts tearing up. She takes out her phone and simply texts Wright, “help. girls locker room.”


Wright is handing out sheet music as his phone vibrates. He sets the music down and takes out his phone. He sees the text and puts his phone away.

WRIGHT: I gotta go. John, lead the group.

ETHAN: Wait, Wright. Does it have to do with Jeanette?

Wright is already in the hallway, running faster and faster towards Jeanette.


Wright runs in and heads towards Jeanette. He finds her sitting by her locker, sobbing.

WRIGHT: What’s wrong?

Wright sits across from her.

JEANETTE: F-F-Felicity.

WRIGHT: What did she do?

JEANETTE: She told me that nobody here loved me and my dreams would never come true.

Jeanette breaks down, fully crying now. She soon sniffles and becomes a rock.

JEANETTE (CONT’D): No, I told myself when you first came here that I would never cry in front of you.

Wright moves to sit right next to her.

WRIGHT: Then, don’t. Don’t look at me. Just sob. You won’t cry in front of me. You’re crying for every kid like you. Every kid that’s had a dream and been shoved down because of it.

Jeanette starts to cry. Wright wraps her torso in his arms.

Jeanette leans into him and just starts weeping full out.

WRIGHT (CONT’D): You’re a star, Jeanette Stevenson. And one day, the rest of the world will see that.

Wright starts singing Greyson Chance’s “Waiting Outside the Lines”. Jeanette keeps crying. When we reach the chorus, we cut to the WC singing in the school auditorium. We go back to the locker room during the second verse buildup. Then, at the chorus, we go back to the auditoium. At the buildup after the bridge, we see the WC slowly walking down the hallway. First we see them come out, one-by-one, starting with Wright, to Jeanette, to John and Donald, and then the rest of the group. They are all still singing. They walk next to Miss Stephanie and her choir. Julie smiles back at Felicity’s disgust. Suddenly, we switch scenes.


The song continues as someone knocks on Wright’s front door. Wright goes up and opens it. Tate, in the flesh, is standing on Wright’s doorstep, extremely worn and tired. Wright is speechless.

WRIGHT (V.O.): This wasn’t a hallucination. This was real.

TATE: (weak) Hey, little brother.

Wright, teary-eyed and smiling, jumps and gives Tate the biggest hug in all of humanity.

WRIGHT: I missed you…

The song ends.


– S


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