The Taken Excerpt

I opened my eyes just to squeeze them closed again. It was painfully bright in the room that I can only assume was in the Zys’ base. I sat up, my eyes still closed. I opened my eyes a millimeter and scanned the room. It was white, horribly white. It wasn’t natural. It was hard and unforgiving. I was sitting on plastic slab the same harsh color as the room that surrounded it. I sucked in a breath and held it. I had heard about this room; it was the one in Liz’s dream. I scanned the room for the a dark haired girl I had come to know as Kate from Liz’s tales. “Surely she had been a dream and this was coincidental”, I thought, half of my brain trying to reassure the other half.

I continually scanned the room through my thin line of vision when a section of the wall disappeared. I blinked, then opened my eyes wide. The hole in the wall was still there. Then I heard the all-too-familiar noise of tiny scuttling feet. I curled up on my slab as the source of the scuttling entered the room through the hole. The brain addressed me.

“Max you have been captured by the Zys, any attempts to escape your cell and you will be terminated.” It declared matter-of-factly. I sat stunned. Not a single thought ran through my mind.

“You will have a guard stationed outside your door at all times. Do not bother trying to negotiate. You won’t receive an answer. Your guard will deliver your food, seeing as you humans need it to survive.” The alien sighed as if this was a huge inconvenience to it. At the mention of the word food, my stomach grumbled, The last thing I had eaten was a leaf from a tree, two days ago (Yes, I got that desperate).

“That is all.” the brain turned and exited the room. The wall closed back up, this time leaving a small window at my eye level. I heard shuffling outside, my guard probably. I peered out, trying to get a look of who it was. I caught a glimpse of long, dark, brown hair. Then, the shuffling stopped. Curious, I peered out the window again, turning my eyes in their sockets as I strained to see the guard. I rapped on the wall, hoping to draw attention. Something flickered at the edge of my vision. I tried again, kicking the wall for good measure. A face shot into my window, making me jump back, startled. It was a girl, long brown hair framed her face. She had a short nose and…and black eyes. Her irises were gone. No sign of color rimmed her pupils. I sank to the ground in horror. Those weren’t dreams. They were messages. The girl’s eyes followed me down, the window moving with with her. I swallowed,


“What’s your name?” I asked, although I had a nagging thought at the back of my mind that I already knew. She frowned, so I asked again, louder this time,“What’s your name?” She thought for a moment, then grinned wickedly, all her teeth showing. She reached down, her hand momentarily lost from view before reappearing with a plastic ID card in her hand. She flipped it around, still smiling evilly at me. I moved closer to read the fine print of the card. It read:



The thought I had been holding back before, shot to the front of my brain, allowing me to recognize Kate’s features that Liz had described so well. All this time, the grin had never left Kate’s face. I was stunned, my brain overloaded and died all in the span of a second. I fell back, allowing my head to smack against the ground. I looked up; Kate was still smiling as she turned her back to the window. What does Taken mean? I couldn’t think about it now. I struggled to sit up, flopping back down, my head hitting the floor again. Black spots danced across my vision. Max Valentino, what have you gotten yourself into? That’s all I could think before I blacked out.  



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