Welcome to Writing Club.

Who are we?

We are writers. Amateur, inexperienced, young, teen, spell-chek-depandent, insanely ambitious, aspiring writers. And this is our blog.

The rules are simple:

Each week, a different member of FMHS’ Writing Club will take a turn writing a blog post.

This can be anything.

Essays, short stories, novel clippings, poetry, screenplay, fanfiction – anything with words is welcome. We don’t judge, provided it won’t get us sued, and more importantly, you’re putting your heart into it. General writing advice, prompt ideas, and other writing jargon will cameo between regular posts.

Consider this our portfolio of all things writing.

Weekly meetings each center around a particular aspect of writing, or else a long/short term project. Our goal is not to complete an end-all-be-all product, but rather to simply write and write and constantly improve in the practice.

Welcome again, and we hope you enjoy. Or suffer. ‘Cause writing’s hard, man.

– N & V, co-leaders of FMHS Writing Club.