The Writers

V –

co-leader of writing club. She likes sci-fi, fantasy, and adventure novels the most, but will read almost anything. She tends to write darker themes as of right now. She loves cats, movies, tropes (and will go on and on about them), and music, her favorite band at the moment being Panic! At the Disco. She hopes that you enjoy her writing, and will do her best to make her writing interesting.

N –

co-leader of writing club. Writer of science fiction, “psychological” dramas, murder mysteries, shorts, scripts, fanfiction from Marvel to Merlin. Beyond stretching her pretentious vocabulary muscles on her novel-in-editing, Translucent (which is likely all she’s going to post until she can finish the […] thing), she is an occasional blogger, poor pianist, even worse violinist, YouTube addict and educator, and generally an amateur-of-most-trades, master-of-some.

A –

member of writing club. She’ll write about anything that pops into her mind and she is always thinking up random scenarios that could happen but probably never will. Constantly travelling across the globe, she is inspired by the sites she sees and they often influence her works.  Other occupations: dancer, spontaneous singer, and Netflix addict.

L –

member of writing club. She enjoys reading, reading, and more reading as well as Doctor Who, Sherlock, Star Trek, Star Wars, Merlin, any many other movies/tv shows. She’ll write down anything that happens to be in the unending spiral of thought that is her mind. She is constantly thinking of scenes and plot elements of a million different books, some of which she hopes to piece together and eventually write.  She is a swimmer, violinist, and has a need for symmetry in everything. She hopes her writing will improve and is glad to have someone to open her mind to.

R –

member of writing club. One of the few humans in the world who is good at one thing and bad at most anything else. A twisted lover of speculative fiction far and wide, he currently writes short novels containing science fantasy and dark fantasy blended with modern culture. He has discarded so many ideas in the past that some have blended together and created the things he writes about now. Also an avid lover of philosophy, religion, and ethics, which are all large elements in his writing (they just give his sometimes empty mind something to think about).


G –

S –


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