Living by Juliet Forehand


Just let the words out

Let them consume

Let the fire burn

Let the world know

That the fire is stronger

For the ones inside

That a tiny flame

Might look like nothing

But being inside that tiny flame

Makes you nothing.

I think over time

Humans think we’ve diluted everything

Humans dilute their pain with alcohol

Humans dilute the truth with lies

Humans dilute friends with enemies

Humans dilute failure with hope

Humans dilute water with trash

Humans dilute hunger with smells

We dilute everything.

We don’t let ourselves live

We just keep dragging on

Success does not mean you’re living

You don’t need to succeed to live

Living is something so simple

We’ve all but thrown it away

Living are those sweet smiles you exchange with strangers

Living is tripping and then stumbling

And later laughing about it

Living is those few close friends

Who you can tell anything

Living is not giving in to that constant flow of work

Living is being glad for the little things

Living is the feeling when you do something nice

Living is the simple things

We’ve all stopped doing.


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