Blackwood Manor: The Mystery Banquet

The Blackwoods are an aristocratic family, in spite of whatever rumors have been thrown their way, and in the changing tides of the 1920s, their world seemed to crumble beneath them. The sons – Charles and Eric – disappeared fighting a war they couldn’t win. Their father, George, disappeared for some distant land in the East, and their mother fell into a despondency from which she never really awoke. The daughters, Rose and Abigail, lived on in France and England, respectively, until an epidemic seemed to sweep through Europe, targeting the higher born of low constitution, and Rose too joined her family at the grave. Lady Abigail, now twenty four and living alone in the family manor with a new caretaker, Ms. Ripley, is finally looking for answers. She calls a conference of minds, natural and supernatural alike, to investigate the plague that has stolen her sister and closest friend.

Among the crowd, three enemies lie in wait…

img_3445After a grand meal and appropriately awkward pre-Thanksgiving conversation, the Lady Blackwood collapsed upon sipping from her wineglass*. The investigators rushed to her side as a knock resounded from the door, and with it, three mysterious letters appeared at the threshold. Clues led to cyanide, encoded letters, playing cards, and the race began.



Our intrepid investigators searched and uprooted every clue and puzzle piece until they ultimately – did not solve the mystery. Well, we got there eventually thanks to some less-than-subtle hints from the dear Lady Blackwood. And thus the mystery concluded with identities revealed and drama spawned. And scene.


Resources (uncut) for the mystery are now available in the shared Google drive folder. (PG13)

*NOT ACTUAL WINE. Seriously, water and food coloring, maybe some pepsi in a sparkling cider bottle. Tasted awful.


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