Eveta’s Wings

The sky outside was the color of a particularly ripe orange, the perfect time for Eveta’s nightly run. But on this night, she was not running. No, tonight she was going to fly. Finally. Eveta had been a late bloomer all her life, and her wings were no exception, so she had lived in envy of her friends who had grown them at seventeen, feathers or leathery skin held proudly out, almost like an insult. But her wings took forever to grow in, as scaled wings do, putting her solidly on the receiving end of pitying looks from transparent friends and noisy strangers alike.

She positioned herself in the starting position she has been practicing for years, pushed her weight down unto her feet, and jumped.

She could feel the wind on her face and the setting sun on her back. Her eyes pried themselves open, and the clouds seemed so close, she could almost feel their cold weight.

In her distraction, she didn’t hear the call to open her wings from her friend, and started to plummet. At the last second, she threw open her wings, caught a low gust, and zipped forward, hardly controlled.  Looking back on it, she should have seen the tree coming. As soon as she made contact, she crumpled and fell flat on her face.

“Sycamore never made sense as a last name until now, Eve,” Gwen observed as she inspected her friend for injuries.

Eveta pushed herself up onto her elbows, flinching slightly as they made contact with the ground. “I still remember that time you were drunk and slapped yourself with a salmon, and continued to do it until I took a picture,” she pointed out.

“Shut up,” scowled Gwen, “or you’ll have to tend to these wounds yourself.”

Eveta rolled her eyes, but said nothing.

“I have finished. Now we’ll practice again,” Gwen said shortly.

Eveta eagerly ran back to the starting point again and readied herself, forest colored wings tucked tightly against her back.

“I’ll fly with you this time,” Gwen insisted, “To see what you need to improve on.”

As it was, though, Eveta was already in the air.

This time, she remembered to open her wings, and she caught a good breeze.

And oh, what a breeze it was. Pleasantly cool to one who had been exercising all day, yet just warm enough as to not be uncomfortable. She broke cloud cover, her friend’s shouting voice below her all but forgotten, and she saw.

What a sight she saw.

The sun was just about to set, so it painted yellow, orange, red, and purple streaks on the clouds striping across the sky, leaving the world with a final reminder of its wondrous talent for beauty. The world, at the moment, was wonderful.

“Bit eager, are we? Is this your first time?”

The moment was gone.

Eveta glowered at the man who had appeared beside her, his leathery wings beating a cold wind onto her face, “Yes. What’s to you?”

“Hmm… feisty, are we? Now that won’t do at all, no, no, no. We’ll have to work on that.”

And the world faded to black.


This is just something i’ve been doing to get myself to keep writing throughout the winter holidays. I may post more, if end up writing more of it. As it stands, I kind of already want to revise this. Happy holidays to everyone!



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