/destiny project: Demons

In the world of /destiny project, demons are ancient lifeforms created from mankind’s united beliefs. They are connected to the consciousness known as the Planet of Life, Earth, and are responsible for its protection. After World War III, some countries’ excessive usage of natural resources awakened the demons, who proceeded to completely destroy what was once Europe and spread across the rest of the world, laying waste to human civilization.

Demons are unique in their ability to destroy life; they are engineered by nature specifically to kill and consume any type of life form. Demons evolve faster than any other living being, and can take the forms of both animal and plant to suit their main objective: to erase humanity from the Earth.

An object becomes a demon when it fuses with “evil” powers and attains consciousness. After achieving demonhood, it connects to a hive ideology known as Hell, giving it the ability to sense humans and other animals in a certain area.

Once a demon encounters a human, it will rapidly evolve into a killing machine, changing not only its physical form, but its abilities as well. Demons have unlimited focus; they will pursue a target to the ends of the earth until it is eliminated and devoured.

Demons also have the unique ability to fuse with other demons to produce hybrids with increased abilities, or simply devour smaller demons to increase their strength. The largest and most powerful are called Ancient Sins, and are completely invincible. Each individual Ancient Sin is capable of wiping out all life on the planet by themselves. Nine Ancient Sins are known to exist; however, others may be dormant below the surface of the Earth.

In the present day, all demons are sealed in the Land of Sin, a dark, uncharted continent that lies on the other side of the world, separated by a large ocean. However, Ancient Sins are believed to exist on other planets in the Solar System.



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