DD: Plot Tidbits

Lanie survives being attacked by the wrath demon, Wes. Her first thought is to call the authorities and tell them that there are demons terrorizing her school but after overhearing a conversation between the demons, she decides against it. Calling the authorities would tell them that someone knows, and since there were no missing persons- other than those who hadn’t survived Wes’ outrage- they would eventually find her and kill her. Or worse, considering she was dealing with a wrath demon. Bravery, in this situation, doesn’t seem like the logical choice. The best way, she realized, would be to trap them into outing themselves.

So, she makes a plan. The first step she takes is research. She finds all the books, internet articles, and talks to all the teachers she can, but soon realizes that most of them have vague descriptions at best. Bitting the bullet, she decides to observe the demons as they go about their plan. It’s nefarious and evil to the core, she’s sure. She hopes.



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