Otherside: Toma Yamamoto, the Normal Kid

“When you’re crushed by everything happening around you, what do you do? Live life.”

Toma Yamamoto is a sixteen-year old young man attending the Mikado High School in the fictional city of Japancity, Chicago (name is subject to debate and change). He is a tough, but seemingly normal teen who tries to live life to every aspect, without bothering to revisit the past. When he was ten years old, his entire family disappeared, leaving him frustrated, confused, and lost. The next day, he found a package containing the right to his father’s inheritance, a small Japanese-styled house, and a few mysterious broken rocks with strange writing etched into their surface.

From then on, Toma’s life was a normal, yet solitary, one preoccupied with working and making ends meet. Sometimes he thinks he sees things out of the corner of his eye, but he dismisses them as his imagination just as they come But Toma has always longed for a life outside of his tedious schedule, one filled with a promise of adventure and intrigue and mystery. He knows this is an impossibility, until one fateful night, where he has a dangerous encounter with a certain black-haired girl…

Toma is a half-Japanese boy living a hard working life from day to day, often having to attend several part-time jobs on the way home from high school, where he is a junior. He is efficient, trying hard not to waste any time in order to effectively complete his schedule. Due to his family’s disappearance, he feels like he has to live on and help others for their sake, so that he could prove to them that he is strong enough to face the past. Outwardly, Toma is sometimes dense and rigid, but this very thick exterior hides a cunning and observant mind, which helps him against tougher opponents when the need arises. He curses his weakness when he is not strong enough to fight like the other characters, as he remains mostly powerless throughout a good part of the novel. Even when he does receive the ability to complete Rituals, the power is finicky at best; Toma’s inexperience catches up to him in tougher battles. Despite being very dense at times, his observant nature allows him to understand other people’s feelings.



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