Back To School For You!

“Meetings like this are pointless. Why are we here, anyways?” complained Diva.

The others nodded. Most congregations at AEGIS consisted of petty vendettas between members, twirling around in the spinning office chairs, and overall getting nothing accomplished. Many of the members at the meeting now were asleep or playing Super Heroes Free To Play! FPS MMORPG! on their aPads.

“Because we found something… interesting about AEGIS’ recent adversary,” replied Anthem, a fair haired young man dressed in a lab coat, “It’s about Zero.”

“Zero?” growled X, looking up from his aPhone

Anthem smiled. Finally, a word that could get any AEGIS personell, asleep or not, fully alert and ready to fight. Of course, Zero wasn’t a laughing matter, despite the tacky name. A masked man (or woman!) wanted for stealing, murder, blackmail, and the most unforgivable crime of all – kidnapping members from AEGIS itself. What was worse – not even the top scouts could figure out Zero’s ‘super powers’ so to speak. Some mentioned enhanced strength and flexibility, others leaned toward psionic, but it was truly an enigma. How could teams that formed to target specific villain’s weaknesses be made to beat one that wasn’t known?

“Glad to see I got everyone’s attention. Yes, Zero. I mass analyzed the tapes collected from the last incident to figure out what his real abilities were. What I found was quite surprising.”

“Well? Tell us!” said Diva.

“He can generate a field that nullifies all outputs from our electroharmonic fields. That is to say all superhumans and supervillains are useless against him,” sighed Anthem, “A firebolt from Passion will immediately dissipate on contact with the field. Ethreal’s other body will dissolve within a certain radius from him, and agents such as Ares will lose their ability to go beserk within Zero’s area of effect. A fitting name for a fitting power, I suppose.

“That’s incredibly overpowered. Like, superpower lottery overpowered,” said Pips, “And how do the higher ups expect us to go against that?”

Anthem paced back to the whiteboard in front of the room, staring at all his colleagues… no, AEGIS cream-of-the-crop agents, and began to pull up a holographic screen from his tablet.

“Last night, I looked back at one of the tapes. Something shiny caught my eye…” the screen displayed a flash in contrast with the dark surrounds and a shadowy sillouette of a person. It zoomed in on the object, revealing a design remnicent of…

“Hey, I know that symbol!” exclaimed Diva, “It’s the Agari Academy crest… Could it be?”

“Correct. It sounds like Zero’s mistake lead us to his daily life as a student at one of the top schools in Oitemn City,” grinned Anthem, “Now, how do you suppose we exploit this in a subtle fashion?”

“We… go… Oh, God, I don’t want to say it,” Diva groaned.

“Are you serious?” asked X.

The others at the table began to murmur in tones ranging from excitement to despair.

“We’re transferring as new students to Agari Academy. Your uniforms should be on your bunks. Change into them, as we’ll be leaving in half an hour. Further instructions will be recieved from our mole at the school.”

“I knew it,” Diva stumbled out of her seat and out the door with the stream of the others.

“Oh, and, by the way,” yelled Anthem, “The leaders at AEGIS have appointed me the commander of this operation! This will be a fun school year!”

“Yeah, right,” mumbled Pips.

And it wasn’t.


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