DD: Lanie, the Human

Lanie is a human woman attending the same college that the demons have set up in. She was a part of Wes’ study group, which he tried to murder all of them. She managed to survive, but has to take on a new identity to protect herself, lest Wes find out she survived and try to murder her. The day after she was almost killed, she followed Wes and found out not only is he a demon, but he there are apperently at least seven coming, and they all have strange powers. Thus, she comes to thr conslusion- while is hystarics- that the powers will alert them if she tells someone directly, so she must find a way to reveal them without being the one who reveals them.

She is fairly clever, high strung, and paranoid. She tends to over react and over think, and she’s a bit of a coward. She can be cunning, though only if she has to. She’s a history major, and shares a class with Peggy and one with Wes.

She grew up with a single mother and a verbally abusive older brother. She chose to go to this college to get away from her brother, who is attending a college on the other side of the country. She worked really hard to get a full scholarship to this college, and is almost overly dedicated to her studies.



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