Developing Demons: Human “Magic”/Current Events

Human “magic” is a combination of a few traits: resourcefulness, creativity, and will. A human can make anything to do any given task out of whatever may be in the general area. It is less about magic, and more about inventing. Anything you can think of, a human can invent.

In this world, human history is less bloody, as humans are a less warlike race in the traditional sense. Many wars, instead of physical fighting, were often more about who could invent the best thing and manufacture it in the least amount of time. History is more centered around economic and inventive “races” of a sort between major world powers.

The current human government is a committee of the brightest political scientists of their time. They are routinely elected every five years, and nobody who has served on the committee before can be reelected.  Some people wish to change this, and there have been many protests, but ultimately, the rules do not look like they will be changing anytime soon.  Though, it is still the subject of much debate. On one hand, it is believed that a longer time on the committee could give someone too much power, but on the other, more time on the committee could mean more things get done.



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