Prisoner -Fall of the Archer Part 4

The prison reeked of hopelessness and death. Although it was silent, anger and insanity raged in the mind of its prisoners. Many guards had been driven mad by simply standing in the presence of the silent wrath that filled the cursed structure. Only a few soldiers were able to steel their nerves and remain in such a place. These few had control over the most dangerous and most cunning, and they ruled the silence. They believed they were fearless.

They were wrong.

Something was different about her. She arrived heavily sedated, and accompanied by six figures in black cloaks. With her, came a warning, spoken from an unseen mouth under the cowl of the cloak.

“Be careful with this one. She looks fragile, but she is the most dangerous person in this room. One wrong move could end your life.  We have broken her, and she has nothing to lose.” The figure turned and joined the others as they deposited her into a cell. Then they faced the guards, and bowed.

“Good luck.”

The sun had set by the time she woke. Sounds of shuffling could be heard from her cell. Then silence. The guards held their breath, expecting hell to break loose, but nothing could be heard from cell 37. And so the silence wore on through the night.

Several days and nights were spent this way, and eventually the guards began to relax, disregarding the warning they had received, and their routine became lax.

Seven days after her arrival, the figures in cloaks returned, and with them the sense of danger that had dissipated.

“The Master wishes to speak with the prisoner.” They spoke in unison.

“O-Of course.” came the hurried reply. The figures bowed and made their way to her cell. A jingling of keys could be heard, and then they stepped back.

Skreeeeeeek…skreeeeeeek. The high pitched squeal echoed through the long corridors, sending a shiver down every guard’s spine. All heads snapped in the direction of cell 37, and watched in horror as the door inched open, Skkreeeeeeek, skkreeeeek, and the girl emerged.

“She’s alive…she’s alive…she’s alive” the girl chanted, eyes fixed on the stair case. “She’s alive…..” her mantra died and her lips became still. Suddenly, laughter rang out from the top of the stairs. The girl’s eyes narrowed, and expression of disgust covered her face.


“Oh Katherine” the other voice replied in a smug tone, “How wonderful it is to see you. After all it’s not everyday a girl gets to see her sister.”



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