The Fortune Teller

Silver bells tinkled as the last customer of the day strolled into her tiny shop. He inspected the antique trinkets carefully and let his eyes wander before studying a sign that read, “Discover your future for just $5 today.” A smirk made its way onto his face as he settled into the plush chair in front of the tall, limber woman and her crystal ball. She graciously accepted his payment and proceeded to study his face with crinkled eyes. The first things she noticed about him were his electric green eyes, glowing in the darkness surrounding them. Her eyes clouded over as she swirled her hands above the crystal ball. Fleeting images were displayed in the ball: a dark alleyway, the night sky, a knife glinting in the moonlight, a hunched over woman, and a pair of glowing green eyes. She woke from her trance suddenly, sputtering in shock at the images she had just seen. Slowly, she raised her gaze up to the man’s face only to see an evil smirk and a pair of glowing green eyes.



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