Developing Demons: Pride

Pride- or Peggy Engton- is everything one would expect of a pride demon. She is confident, jealous, ruthless and self righteous. Anything she can do to make people recognize that she’s the best of the best, she will do. Logical and goal oriented, she pushes her team to do what they need too. As the self-professed leader of the team, she is always making plans and scoping out new targets for each of the team members to change.

Her main goal is the completion of the mission for two reasons. She craves the glory that comes with a successful mission, wants it more than most things. As for her other reason, she was a caretaker of the young before they weren’t able to produce anymore, and she wants to take care of someone again. At heart, she is a mother.

The leaders chose her for the mission because she is a turned demon, so she knows the customs of the human world. Her ruthless logic and cunning make her an invaluable asset to the team. She is also able to keep the team in line and undercover.

The time she spent on the human world is very dear to her. Although the people of the demon world matter to her a great deal as well, it is a weight on her mind that she is harming the world that took care of her throughout her childhood.



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