The Third Sister (a continuation of The Fall of the Archer)

“Ma’am? The resistance has defeated the northern legion.” A tremulous voice rang out across the empty, stone room, echoing off the dank walls.

“Who lead them?” came the response.

“A Magee twin…the one with the dark hair.”

“What of her sister?”

“Dead. She died in the battle, but took many down with her.”


“Excuse me, ma’am? Nearly half of our troops are dead, injured, or captured. Why is this excellent?”

“Simple.” I turned to face the messenger, “The Magee twins were the heart of the rebels. With one half missing, they will fall easily. Now, it’s only a question of crushing the remaining half.”

“I see.”

“She’ll be dangerous, more so than before.”


“Very well, you are dismissed.” I watched as he shuffled hurriedly to the door and exited. When a loud thud confirmed my solitude, I let out a long breath, allowing the wicked grin that I had been hiding stretch across my face. Oh poor, vulnerable Kate. Who’s stronger now? You may have defeated my army, but you no longer have Liz by your side, I thought, chuckling to myself. Then doubt filled my mind. What if the other troops fail? I don’t trust they know what they are up against.  

“Klys!” I called. Instantly, a girl no older than eighteen appeared, her grey eyes flickering menacingly.

“You called?” She asked, placing her hand on the black handle of her sword.

“One of the Magee twins is dead.”

“So I’ve heard.”

“Good. I have an assignment for you. Make sure the other half suffers.”

“Is that all? What method would you like me to use?”

“I trust your judgement to make that decision when the time comes.”

“Thank you.”

“That is all.” I waved my hand dismissing her. She bowed, turned, and disappeared.

Klys cannot fail. She will shatter Kate into a thousand pieces, I thought, nodding. After all, what can Kate possibly do without her dear sister? I walked to the window, scanning the distance for any sign of rebel movement. A cloud of dust from the North caught my eye as it advanced on the base.

   “Found you,” I snickered. Satisfied, I made my way to the door. Soon, Kate will know who the real enemy is. Oh yes, sister of mine, although we are bound by blood, I will have no problem breaking you.



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