Discovering Demons: Development of Demon Power

Last time I posted, I posted about demons. I’m going to continue that story, but it needs a bit of development first. Because of this, I’ve decided to develop it and write it all here, on this blog. Please enjoy my stumbling through the pre-writing process, as I am sure it will be fun to watch.

Demons: Peggy (Pride), Gunther (was Vic/ Vanity) (Greed), Luther (Lust), Wes (Wrath), Samantha (Sloth), Gene (Gluttony), Ethen (Envy).

Powers: Powers in general for demons work like this: they can do anything, as long as it is kept within certain perimeters. For example, Peggy can do anything, but only as long as the goal is to make herself look better/ others look worse. She could make a pile of books fall without touching them or making any motion to knock them over, but only if she’s making them fall purely to make another look bad, or herself look better. If a demon uses their powers to do something that is not within their perimeters, they are stripped of their powers and made into humans, with no recollection of anything that happened while they were demons. Below are the perimeters that every demon must meet to be able to keep their powers and demon hood.

Peggy: Make people look foolish/ make her work look better in comparison to other work

Greed: Gain more/ Take from others

Luther: Make others want only him

Wes: Hurt others in retribution for an attack on him

Samantha: Slack m0re/make others slack

Gene: Eat more food/ get more food

Ethen: Taking from someone else to gain for himself

There is one exception- they can do anything to further their goal on earth (creating more demons out of different qualities, basically repopulating the demon world). The reason they’re on earth in the first place is this: demons are dying out, and they need to repopulate their world. They were chosen by their people to go to the human world and create more demons. They were given power to aid them, and their demon type (their quality) is what creates the perimeters. Overall, this is just a general explanation of how demon powers work.

– V


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