The Asylum

He questioned why he had agreed to go along with this. His friends had called him a coward. Yes, that’s why he did it. Oh, how he hated that word. The only way for his friends to back off was for him to agree to go into this place.

There is an abandoned asylum at the end of town. People never went into it because there was supposedly an entity residing there. Nobody had ever come back out of there alive, and now there he was creeping down the hallways of the place.

There was not any electricity. Only the occasional lightning would brighten the lonely building. He had heard stories of what had happened here while it was operation. Stories of the insane inmates, the operations that took place, and of the one patient that never really left.

The walls and the floors were made of white tiles and every so often you could just make out a stain the color of blood on the tiles. Surely it was just his imagination. The rooms that where there still had some equipment left in them. He peered into one of the rooms and there he saw the writing on the cushioned walls. The writing was written in black ink. It read “I see you.” The ink was dripping so it must have been written fairly recently. This made him quite uneasy. He backed away slowly and kept walking. He came to a staircase that led to the second floor. He started to climb the stairs, but after ten minutes he didn’t seem to be making any progress. He kept climbing anyways. Everytime he reached the same sign that read first floor. No matter what he did he was always on the first floor. So he walked out the same door he had entered.

Then he saw it. A lone figure at the end of the hall. It was nothing but a shadow. He could tell it wasn’t just a shadow because it smiled. Not a normal smile either. Oh no, this smile was a knowing smile. Its teeth were sharp and very white. Ever so slightly the figure started to advance on him. He turned to run but there was no way out. All the doors seemed to disappear, including the entrance to the whole building. He was trapped.

Suddenly an alarm sounded. He recalled that the building had no electricity. How was this possible? The figure was only ten feet away now. The figure was dressed in a mental patient’s gown and had a very wide smile. But no eyes.

A door appeared beside him and out came another figure and another and another. Suddenly there were at least twenty surrounding him. They reached out with their slick black hands. They pulled him down and slowly his vision faded.

 When it came back, he was at the other end of the hallway. He heard a noise and looked up. There was one of his friends. He tried to call out to him but could not. Slowly, he started to walk over to him, but out of the corner of his eye he saw his reflection in a broken window. There staring back at him was the figure. He smiled and saw his sharp, white teeth. He no longer wanted to warn his friend, but instead he wanted him to join him in this game of his. So, he kept walking.



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