The world is tiny in her palm. She spins it around and observes the variety of people, tiny specs on a colossal globe. Some places she can see crystal clear. New York: towering skyscrapers reach up to steel gray sky, snow pouring down on the pedestrians below. High end stores and five story penthouses to quiet coffee shops and cozy apartments. Filled with endless possibilities and hope for the future. Venice: Sun rays coat the multicolored buildings in warmth and make the turquoise waters glisten. Flowers are in bloom and people stroll along the cobbled streets occasionally stopping to greet a familiar face. It is seemingly quiet, but deceivingly so for at night, the peaceful city comes to life. Families gather in the plaza to settle down for a nice meal and watch the stars sparkle above them. Blissful children gaze around in curiosity, savoring the feel of gelato in their tiny mouths. Glow-in-the-dark toys fly up into the sky, shedding light on all through the blackness of the night. Hyderabad: Streets packed with cars and people. Buildings with peeling paint and fragrant spices joining together in perfect harmony. Street vendors roam the area, always on the lookout for potential customers. Blue skies and colorful clothes are always in sight. Mangoes, coconuts, sugarcane, limes. Swing sets and family. Adults chattering away as children chase each other across rooftops and through houses filled with countless memories. Other locations are hazy, not yet explored and still unknown to her. Nevertheless, she holds the globe close to her heart and closes her eyes, dreaming of experiences to come.



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